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"Michael and his team were absolutely amazing!!!! Michael is so talented and genuinely a nice person! From the beginning Michael cared, listened to our needs, and brought everything to life....I shared with him genres of music I wanted played as I did not know every single song to play for 4 hours and he knew exactly what we were looking for without a play by play list from us!! He nailed it from the ceremony to our HORA LOCA!! At one point, my catering manager even said "not many DJs do what he does, you picked the best one"...Michael was on the dance floor with my friends and family, went around to make sure people were having fun, prepared our MOH and and BEST MAN and Father toast for their times to speak, made sure they didnt need anything and were ready to go!! There arent many DJS who become that involved to make sure your wedding goes off without a hiccup...Michael did that and more and everyone noticed!!! Like I said take off the DJ title and Michael is truly there as a genuine, caring person who wants your day to proceed without any bumps....hands down best decision we made!!"

- Jessica

"Music is my passion and I'm a stickler for details, so finding a DJ who was willing to work with my bride's and I vision for the reception was tough- until we found Michael Sarz. Michael is a master emcee. He and his team hosted the evening like energetic professionals. Their technical skills in sound/light/effects far surpassed anything I had ever seen at a wedding - we felt like we were in a concert! Pro Tip- Upgrade to the premium light package, it makes all the difference in the world. I recommend Michael WITHOUT HESITATION! "



"Uum… the only words we can come up with is surreal/beyond and then go speechless. Theres no currency in the world that we could give Michael to compensate his work. Yes he is Dj, Yes he is MC… However more so...he has brought art to his industry. If he was a Artist, he would be Da Vinci. Yes I see 5 stars up and down on this page. Although, truly stars are not even fair to compare Michael too. If you can book Michael Sarz for any event, feel blessed… It's will be like hanging the Mona Lisa in your living room for a day. People came from all over the country to our event (NYC, DC, Cali etc..) all said it was by far the best wedding they ever Attended. Could not clear the dance floor if you tried. Nice to know that theres still people like Michael is this world today…killing it every time he plugs in his equipment."

- Cheers A&B


"Quality, professional, super high energy introductions and microphone voice, guided the reception through the steps and truly entertained. Not just played music. DJ. Chris and Had the chairs empty with the people dancing for hours. They played great music with first class equipment . People that I did not know could dance were on the dance floor. Sarz had all the songs even the salsa merengue freestyle r&b and rock and roll.. The best was meeting with Chris before the wedding to talk about the event. He really went out of his way and mixed a set of songs for the father daughter dance that was a big hit. I could go on and on, but I will just say that if you don't know who to select for your entertainment now you know,SARZ SIMPLY THE RIGHT CHOICE.."

- Luis



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