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The DJ, The heart beat of any party. We are experts at reading our audience’s and taking them on a journey thru music.

Mixing music is an art that cannot be forgotten about. The Song you play next is your most important choice as a DJ. Keeping the crowd engaged in the music for extended periods of time is a great challenge. We are experts at this!


We are able to play a wide variety of music to keep everyone engaged at the same time. To be a DJ for Sarz Entertainment is more than a guy who plays music. We are artists that thrive to bring you to the next level of DJ Entertainment. We use our ears and hands to mix the music live! This is what the real DJ experience is about.


From the classic sound of the 50’s and 60’s, to Latin music, to the best in todays Top House beats and top 40, We have and mix it all together to keep you surprised in the mix and wanting more!




A great emcee together with an amazing DJ is a very powerful combo. You need someone out there on the floor, dressed the part, having fun with the guests! This style of emcee will fully engage the crowd. Our fun, NON Cheesy Emcees paired with our DJ’s make the party ROCK!


We are trained to speak clearly, and get the point across without over talking on the microphone. The last thing you want is to have an Emcee that does not stop talking! Say what you need to say in a fun way and let the music do the rest.



This is how Sarz Entertainment’s Emcees are trained and it works every time!


Custom Lighting


 Lighting is huge part of your decor. Our top of the line, high Powered, L.E.D. Lighting fixtures can make any color you can think of. With our State of the art lighting program system, we have full control of the lighting for the duration of the event!

 From the most elegant settings, to the extreme club atmosphere's our clients desire, we can create the look you have been dreaming of!

For a more detailed description of the different lighting that we have to offer, please visit our News Section.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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